Emergent & Non-Emergent Medical Care & Transport of the sick & injured to various locations throughout Michigan & Canada Provide standby for events requiring EMS presence. Ask for us by name or schedule us via phone or email.                                                                                             

5220 W. M-80

Kincheloe,MI 49788

Phone: 906-495-6062
FAX: 906-495-6139

We, the employees of Kinross Charter Township EMS, will work diligently to provide the public with emergency medical treatment and transportation for the sick and injured. It is our goal and commitment to provide care in the most respectful and courteous manner possible and without prejudice. In our duties we will work to show EMS as professionals and team mates, instilling confidence and pride in ourselves and our communities. We will give our full attention to upholding the standard of care based on our scope of practice, using established protocols and Michigan State Law. We hold ourselves accountable in respecting privacy and ensuring that quality pre-hospital care is delivered to our patients.In everything we do, we will encompass our core values of RESPECT, PROFESSIONALISM, and DEVOTION to DUTY. Caring for our Community 24/7/365!

If you are interested in employment you can complete an application online, print it and submit it to the
Township Administrative Offices, 4884 W. Curtis Street, Kincheloe, MI 49788 or via email at
Questions may be directed to the EMS Director, Renee Gray, at   906-495-6062

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